Day 8 - Alaska:   Valdez - Cordova - Yakutat
(click on a photo to enlarge) (8/12/05)

Valdez area

Terminus of Valdez Glacier Dave, bike and plane in Valdez Shot toward the Valdez Glacier
Fishes everywhere (Silver Salmon)   How are we going to get up that stream???

Valdez Heli Camp area

Base Camp Snow cat terrain I got some great powder runs down this this mountain.
We rode this mountain on the far side of the gully Wortman's Glacier I think we did the left side of this mountain
Wortman's Glacier Just another nice rock Where Wortman's comes from
Snow field above Wortman's   Sheridan Glacier


Coast north of Yakutat Yakutat Lodge - I had a good lunch here. Beach near Yakutat


Cordova City Airport Planes on the left - runway on the right Taxiing down the highway
  What is this?  I have no idea.